An airport very dear to me - KBOI

Now that we can share our cool creations, I thought I would share a few pictures of an airport I have been pouring a lot of time into. I hope you enjoy.

More Updated Shots:

If there is a part of the airport you want to see up close, let me know!


Totally random guess but Salt lake city ?


Tower irl doesn’t look like that but who knows


I’m not American so haven’t got a clue lol

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Nah it’s good but my hometown is KSLC

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I am going to take an educated guess I think it is a airport with a runway


Is it around NYC?

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Ya the new mountain DLC came out last week


Palm springs

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I’ma bring the ultimate guess of Boise, Potataho


Definitely Boise Idaho just check it out on google earth

My real guess… I mean Boise does have a runway so if it is this I was right

The 2nd picture looks a lot like where Alaska parks their Q400s at Boise soo

All I can say is that you’ve done a very good job on editing it, since I really like it even though I don’t know where it is!

Boise also has a A-10 squadron there and an a-10 in one of the photo

Not sure salt lake ?

Just tell us . This isn’t Christmas gift opening 🤣

Why is everyone guessing SLC? It’s like the default guess.

(Not mad or anything, just curious).


I was thinking KLAS but

  1. It’s already 3D

  2. It looks more like KBOI now that I really look at it

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