An Airport Controlled by us

Hi guys!
How could be an airport controlled by us?
There will be delays? Crashes?
Tell me your opinions!

I don’t understand what you mean…


Us as in the IFC as a whole?

I think we would all do decently, but the IFATC’ers would be above all.


controlled by IFATC

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Edit: Realized you are referring to IFATC controlling in real life. It would be pretty smooth, as IFATC have the gist of how real life procedures work, but of course, as there is in any subject, there would always be more to learn.


The bigger question… is the airport Heathrow? If so… well… you could imagine what would happen…


An airport controlled by us (The IFC)

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Oh okay. Now it makes sense.

I didn’t mean this

Well, depending on how much you understand about ATC. I will be good, I will save some flights, who knows.

I mean- an airport controlled irl by IFATC and the flight operated by us

I’m confused. So are we the IFC like the manager of the airport or the ATC controllers? I guess the answer would be the same though…

I can just imagine it:

The ”IFC-A350-Concorde Memorial Airport”. Multiple planes on the runway, everybody requesting for frequency change, and the passengers get a copy of the A350 feature suggestion signed by Misha. And over the loudspeakers at the airport you can here ”Please Check Tutorials…” every 15 seconds.


Manager and controller

coming from a pilot I doubt half of us could ever even get from cold and dark to engine start

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We all know @BluePanda900 would crash Laura into a mountain if this was real life.


Honestly, anybody without proper training would fail. Many planes coming in, and you would have to learn how to use all of the devices in the tower.

If an airport was controlled by me I’d get annoyed by noob pilots making the simplest mistakes, then get angry at them and yell, then get fired.

That’s partially why I’m not IFATC

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I don’t think anyone would get off the ground… unless we aren’t giving clearances.

To be honest, I think we should leave real life to the experienced professionals. However, simulating this with regular people could be a pretty neat social experiment. Will they work together or will they act selfish? I know that’s not the question at hand but I still think it would be interesting.


Even our multi million dollar simulator the taxpayers gave us is much different from actually sitting on local control.