An Aircraft without Windows!

Who needs windows?

Well, it’s not a mystery that I’m obviously talking about cargo aircraft, right? 👀
Cargo hauling is always my number 1 (but sometimes also 2) as it’s so diverse and different to “normal” passenger aviation. I know there are only few people who enjoy cargo aircraft, too but this topic should help you to at least try it out once!

About three months ago, I did a trip from Basel (LFSB) to Sao Paolo (SBGR), then from Sao Paolo (SBGR) to Bogota (SKBO) and finally back to Basel (LFSB). The total flight time was about 26 hours but I split the trip into three flights.

Let’s get into it!

First of all, you have to start flying at night. Currently, it’s a bit “dead” as there are no taxiway lights etc. but with the addition of these features in the future lol I’m sure it will improve it a lot.

It was foggy day in Sao Paolo when I arrived but this picture contains special vibes :)

Parking brakes set and start unloading the cargo!

No Rolex needed to flex!

Above the Amazonas cruising to Bogota

The rest of the trip … you have to experience yourself ;)
I really recommend trying to fly cargo aircraft more often to explore the world from another view! feels like talking in an advert

See you around!