An aircraft I haven't seen before going into STN!

Good afternoon!

I was just snooping around locally on Flightradar24 around Essex where I live with live ATC (120.625 - Essex Radar), and I stumbled across a Freighter company I have never heard of before, being operated by Titan Airways, coming into Stansted!
The winds this afternoon are of a south-westerly heading, implying traffic coming into Stansted are using Runway 04.
That means, they come close to me as they descend on the glide path. Some aircraft literally fly right over my house, and quite low too!

The aircraft in question belongs to a company called “GEODIS”. They recently got hold of their first branded aircraft, which on this flight, was arriving from Chicago O’Hare Intl. (KORD / ORD).
Below are all the flight and aircraft details…

Flight Details
  • Callsign: Zap 142 (AWC142)
  • Flight no.: ZT142
  • Route: Chicago O’Hare Intl. (KORD / ORD) → London Stansted (EGSS / STN)
  • Airline: Geodis Air Network
  • Operated by: Titan Airways (AWC / ZT)
  • Aircraft: Airbus A330-343(P2F) (Passenger to Freight Conversion)
  • Reg.: G-EODS (Golf Echo Oscar Delta Sierra

Aircraft Details
  • Type: A333
  • Aircraft: Airbus A330-343(P2F) (Passenger to Freight Conversion)
  • Reg.: G-EODS (Golf Echo Oscar Delta Sierra)
  • Airline: Geodis Air Network
  • Operator: Titan Airways (AWC / ZT)
  • MSN: 713
  • Mode S: 407C5E
  • Engines: RB211 TRENT 772B-60
  • MTOW: 233000 KGS / 513677 LBS

“Zap 142 turn left heading 085, cleared ILS approach 04, descend on the glide path when established”
“Left heading 085, cleared ILS approach 04, Zap 142”

“Zap 142 maintain speed 160 knots until 4 DME”
“Speed 160 until 4 DME, Zap 142”
“Zap 142 Thank you very much, contact Tower now 123 decimal 805 goodbye”
“123 decimal 805, Zap 142 bye bye”

(Switched frequency from 120.625 (EGSS ESSEX RDR) to 123.805 (EGSS TWR))
“Good afternoon Zap 142, established localiser 04 7 mile final”
“Good afternoon Zap 142, continue approach number 1”
“Continue approach number 1, Zap 142”

“Zap 142 Surface wind 360 degrees 6 knots Runway 4 cleared to land”
“Cleared to land Runway 4 Zap 142”
(Once landed)
“Zap 142 Taxi via Hotel, Alpha blue middle, Stand Alpha 07” (A07)
“Taxi via Hotel, Alpha blue middle, Stand Alpha 07 Zap 142”

These pictures were edited using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for Mac

An interesting spot none the less!

Let me know below what you think of the livery! I don’t mind it to be fair!


That livery is pretty cool, especially the little lines at the bottom. It’s a nice touch.


I like it to be fair!
Simple, and modern looking! 👍🏻

Can’t wait till when I’ll be at work and I see this up close!

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