An aircraft delivery

Yesterday I helped deliver a shiny new 777-300ER on the expert server. Flight time was 4:30 from KPAE-KMIA.

Boarding the delivery team

Blasting off!

Crusing over the rockies

Passing KDFW

Decent into Miami

On short final with the airspeed and wind speed going crazy

A hard landing after crabbing and slipping

Congratulations American on your brand new 777-300ER!

It was a very good flight yesterday and the ATC at Miami was spot on. 10/10 (If you know who it is please tell me so I can tag him/her)

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“From now, until the next time, see you in the sky!” -Jeb Brooks


@IFATC does that work? nope it doesn’t

I loved the picture of you passing over the Rockies! It looks sick.

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Thank you!

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Nice shots!! From one corner of the US to the other hahaha.

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