An aircraft capable of long-haul flights

Can you please tell me the aircraft with the best fuel efficiency and capable of long-haul flights in InfiniteFlight?

777 series, a359, a330-300/900, 787 series, and md11/dc10’s

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Thank you.
I usually fly with B777-300ER, is it a good aircraft for long flights?

I’ve been able to stretch the 77W’s range to be able to do Miami-Singapore in one go, over 10,000 miles.


very good I flew it from HKG-BOS one time for 15 hrs and had 3 hrs left and I packed 16 hrs of fuel.


What speed and altitude do you fly at on long flights…
I always couldn’t figure it out,

36,000 feet is my sweet spot. Speed wise I’ve found myself doing Mach .84

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It really helps.
I will try it next time I fly!
Thank you very much!

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