An afternoon spotting session in Denver, September 15, 2019

Hello! Welcome to my first spotting topic! I went to Denver today to spot and caught some cool planes! I took these shots from the Terminal East Parking garage.

Camera: Nikon DX 55-200mm lens

You may use my pictures in any way, shape or form, but you need to get clearance from me to use them. I won’t tolerate non-agreeable use.

First picture:
N62849 taxiies out to Chicago, while N263WN heads to Los Angeles. There is also an United Expess ERJ heading somewhere as well.

Picture number 2:
A UPS A300-600 (N147UP) taxis out to departure to Burbank.

Number 3:
A Southwest Canyon Blue 737-800 (😍) (N8627B) taxis out for Departure to Sacramento.

Picture 4:
Another shot of N8627B

Photo 5:
A United CRJ-700 (N784SK) taxies to the runway for departure to Colorado Springs while there is a United 737 also taxiing.

Picture 6:
A Boutique Air PC-12 (N471SS) taxis to parking after arriving from somewhere (I don’t know where)

Picture 7:
A United 737-900 (N66381) taxis out to departure to Tampa.

Picture 8:
A FedEx MD-11F (N608FE) taxies to the Cargo ramp after arriving from Memphis. The thing is that I literally ran out of the terminal to take this shot (lol)

Picture 9:
The grand old Boeing 747-400 of Lufthansa (D-ABVT) taxies out to depart to Frankfurt. (This aircraft later returned to the gate for a mechanical issue, and left around two hours after I took this shot)

Picture 10:
The Delta SkyTeam livery on one of their 737-800s (N3761R) heads out to New York-LaGuardia. (@Dylan_M) This was also a running shot, but luckily I was able to get a good pic before it was too late.

Thanks for viewing my pictures! I didn’t see too much, so there won’t be a part two. I might return to the Airport soon so keep an eye out for another topic!


Cool pictures! I love the Lufthansa 744!

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Thank you!

I love the location that you choose my favorite picture is the first one

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Are there no kind of spotting hills around the airport?

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No, there isn’t.

I actually caught that aircraft at JFK yesterday! Great pictures!

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Amazing pictures 👌

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Honestly you and @den.aviation spot there so much you should try to meet up and do spot together

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Amazing photos, I love that Delta Skyteam livery the most and don’t see it very often so that’s cool to see.


That was supposed to happen but baseball ran late for me. So that didn’t happen… we are gonna try to meet up soon.


Oh, that’s actually a bit unfortunate. But I’m glad you made the best out it!

In Munich (EDDM) we have actually a spotting hill, what was made for exact that purpose.
I made a couple of spotting sessions there too!
Here you can have a look:

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That’s Cool! Thanks!

Thanks Gary!

It was a surprise as well for me. I was sitting in my car and I just saw the Skyteam tail and I ran out of the car to the spot I took pictures, which was about a third of the total parking lot lol

Yeah it’s sad that that happens. Some people spot on the perimeter roads of the airport, and I didn’t feel like it. I initially started in the cell phone lot and didn’t see anything.

I really went to the airport to get my dad.
But the thing was his plane was delayed as well, so I got some more time to spot.

Also the third thing is I saw the United new livery in person, and I have to say, It looks better in person than in photos.


Nice shots! What’s a Nikon DX and a 75-200 though I thought they only made 70-200s and 55-200s.

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Yeah I meant a 55-200
Looks like I mistyped

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