An afternoon over Los Angeles | LiveFlight

**What does a busy Thursday afternoon look like in the ATC Playground Server?**

Answer: like this!

Enjoy the timelapse :).


This is awesome!

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Damn that’s amazing!

Just like Planefinder!

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Absolutely incredible. Keep up the great work!

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This is great! :) ;)

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Thank you guys! @lollip @hubandspoke1 @Boeing707 @SkyHawk @John_Preston21 @BBJMAX :).

I will probably make a few more of these someday :).


To make an absolutely epic video you could go on Observer at a major tower and somehow take a recording, then you can combine the map and tower view, flipping between the two in time lapse mode with some music, I think ot would fit together quite well.

I was thinking of that earlier :). Will try that - record my phone and side-by-side show the map! This will be awesome @SkyHawk!


Hey I took a look into your Youtube channel and Inmindr looks epic! I think you have a bright future :smile:

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Thanks! :)

This is too cool! Awesome work Cameron ((:

Nice video

Thanks @MishaCamp @DS2001! More will come :)

This is so great! Suggestion : do this in a region where 2 or more airports are open on the advanced server :) orrr for today’s FNF


Will be done, but not tonight since I need to use my devices tonight :)

Ugh I saw the video yesterday but I forgot to like and comment… Nice video!

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What’s your YouTube channel

Thank you @Swang007!

@qf737400 there’s the one that’s in the link above, but just post odd stuff on it :)