An afternoon landing in the mountains

This week I am on vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho. On our way here I noticed a small airport in a difficult location and looked up flights into it. I decided to try one of these flights from Salt Lake City into this airport (Friedman memorial airport).

I did this flight on the expert server at 12:50 in the afternoon. My route took me out across the Salt Lake and over some flatlands as I descended into the mountains for a close space landing in an E170, old united livery.

Ascending off runway 34R at Salt Lake International.

Turning toward our destination while climbing out of 5,000 feet.

Ascending to 30,000 feet over the salt lake.

Bad weather over the flatlands.

Beginning our initial descent into the mountains.

Beginning our final descent with close proximity to the mountains.

Gear down and lining up with the runway.

Hovering over the runway before a smooth touchdown.

I would very much recommend this airport for flying in and out of. It is very cool to be that close to the mountains and yet it isn’t a very hard airport to get in and out of. I would like to do this flight again if we got the e-jet rework done and use the modern United livery. Thanks for scrolling through.


Nice screenshots l