An Afternoon at YMML

Day off work today, so decided to go to Melbourne Airport and see what I could find.

Last but certainly not least, is a retro Qantas livery. First time I’ve seen it in real life :)


The photos aren’t loading 😥 Aussie InternetI also caught the retro roo at Melbourne!


I saw your photos your took recently too Riley! Great shots! Only that one heavy while I was there, which was that Indo beast you captured as well

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What road do you guys go to?

They loaded! Nice shots!

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Operations Rd in Tulla mate. You can park right in front of RWY 34 just before the golf course and watch them go over your head. You can pull over on to the side of the road just after the golf course entrance and watch them from side on landing on RWY 34. If you go up a bit further past the golf course, you can pull over again and you can watch some departures. Late morning, afternoon is a great time to watch the local airlines landing on 34. Later afternoon is when the big boys come in. Check the local arrival and departures before you go so you know when to go to see your “pick of the day” Good luck, have fun and stay safe!

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Nice. Might go down soon. Btw, nice photo’s man.

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Only seen the retro roo at YMML once

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How do you find a good place to go spotting?

Anyone know places for KJFK, KEWR, KFRG, KLGA, and KHPN

All googleable.

EWR isn’t recommended unless you’d like a pleasant visit frkm the cops

What about the others

I go to operations road.

I like that sabb 340

They would have many others. Just google “plane spotting …” And just include the airport you want

Love the retro livery!

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