An Afternoon at KMIA

As my name suggests, I spent a few hours plane spotting in Miami today. KMIA is well-known for its Latin American specialties (both pax and cargo), and I was able to catch a few pics near runway 9 with my phone (sorry about the quality).

Avianca A320

LATAM Cargo B763F

AeroMexico B738

LAN Cargo B772F
As I was leaving, a Qatar Cargo B772F and Lufthansa A380 passed overhead on final. All-in-all, not a bad way to spend the afternoon.


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Those are some nice pictures! Shame Lambert doesn’t get the same attention.


Great shots! I have to go to MIA next time I’m in the area. (Which should hopefully be soon)

nice pics, Hope you enjoyed your time spotting.
Your name fits you well

I had never seen a LATAM Cargo plane on that livery before, but I have to say it looks incredible!

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Nice photos do you have more though (not to be rude) :)

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I took more pics, but some didn’t turn out due to the cloud cover and use of a phone camera. The ones I posted are the best of the bunch.

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Ok again nice photos :)

Really nice photos. I like plane spotting at KRDU

Nice cargo spotting!

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