An additional phraseology for unicom

I’m always open to new insights and perspectives. Glad that you have brought forward your thoughts on the use of ChatGPT in formulating responses in forums.

I definitely agree that using ChatGPT to craft responses dehumanises the interaction aspect between forum users.

However, while this is a forum for users to discuss topics and create new ideas together as humanly as possible, all of us are typing behind a screen and a user would just see an output in the form of a text response. There is emotion evoked from the language and tone we use for our responses but it can never replace a normal face to face interaction. Even humanoids are not at that level yet and will never be.

Now it again comes down to personal preference, whether you would like to just respond without care for grammatical or structural errors in your sentences. If you care more about the human interaction and forming an online personality through the responses you make, that is perfectly alright.

With regards to the language problem in this forum, I agree that it can be disrespectful towards users who have trouble communicating in English, and having to read AI-formulated text responses. It can be distasteful to some users, and they might interpret it as a form of arrogance.

If for example they have trouble understanding the responses, then in that case I will have to engage in a proper discussion to clarify our personal intentions with the user myself, provided if they voice out their concerns so that I’m aware.

I would never disrespect or look down on users who have trouble communicating in English on this forum, and in fact I enjoy interactions with such users because it gives me different perspectives and I just love seeing what ideas people bring in general.

If you prefer having an online personality, that is okay as long as you don’t impart your beliefs on others in a way that forces them to comply. Of course with the exception of the rules governing this forum.

I myself prefer to put out responses that I’m comfortable reading myself. I guess that’s just my preference isn’t it ?. Forming a personality online isn’t something I want or do because I generally prefer to do it AFK.

Apologies if anyone has been offended by anything I’ve posted. Feel free to share your perspectives :)

Thank you @sqeezelemon for sharing your perspective on this.