An additional phraseology for unicom

Backtaxiing a runway can take in some airports more than two minutes, add to this the manœuvre of lining up then takeoff roll. I think it is useful to add in the universel communication the phraseology of <<…backtracking or backtaxiing the runway…>> so the other pilot on final can adjust his approach speed. Add to this it is more realistic, isn’t it ?


I definitely agree on the idea. One of the main benefits of adding backtaxiing commands for ATC in IF is that it can improve the flow of traffic on the airport’s runways.

With backtaxiing commands, ATC can better control the sequence of aircraft on the runway, allowing for more efficient use of the runway and reducing the chances of runway incursions or conflicts.

Additionally, backtaxiing commands can help reduce the workload for both ATC and pilots. Currently as of now , pilots may have to request backtaxiing clearance, which can take time and requires additional communication with ATC. By having specific backtaxiing commands, ATC can more efficiently manage the flow of aircraft on the runway and reduce the need for pilots to request clearance.

However, there may be some challenges to implementing backtaxiing commands for ATC in IF.

One potential challenge is that it may require additional programming and resources to implement, which may not be feasible for the simulator’s development team. Additionally, implementing backtaxiing commands may require additional training for both ATC and pilots, as it is a relatively uncommon procedure in real-world aviation, at least for the majority of airports around the world.


See this feature request:

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Back taxi command already exist for ATC. Only unicom one doesn’t exist, see Ben’s post 👆

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My brother in christ this is a flight sim forum, not a ChatGPT playground


Yes. Apologies if I’m giving you guys the wrong impression or finding my responses offensive in any way , but my intentions were never to mislead anyone. It is rather apparent and obvious that I have used AI to generate responses.

While I do agree that it takes away the human element with regards to interactions on this forum, it is more efficient and effective in bringing across ideas quickly, while still remaining professional and respectful on this forum.

Again I apologise if I’m coming from the wrong angle, and feel free to drop me a PM if you find any of my posts offensive or misleading and I will promptly remove it.

Your answers are look more intricate than needed, thus this response you got.

Nothing offensive or misleading, just surprising

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Thanks ! I will take note of this in my future responses 👍

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More efficient as opposed to what, adding a few extra words to the prompt to make it an actual sentence? All this does is inflate the word count and spend everybody else’s time on an academically written text with mistakes a child who’ve played 5 minutes in multiplayer wouldn’t have made.

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I guess it all boils down to an individual’s preference when communicating on a forum. Judging by the tone of your response, you seem offended , and if that is the case I would like to sincerely apologise for making you feel that way.

Again I hope I have not brought about any inconvenience/offence among the community with regards to the responses I have made thus far. Happy Flying !

Thе реорlе оf this cоmmunity аrе ореn tо hеlрing оnеs with рrоblеms sреаking English, аnd if yоu аrе оnе оf thоsе реорlе, yоu cоuld аlwаys аsk fоr hеlр. Yоu, hоwеvеr, chоsе tо рurроsеfully ignоrе thе cоrе аsреct оf this оr mоst оthеr fоrums - thе humаn аsреct.
As fоr thе оffеncе, ChаtGPT is sаnitisеd sо much it cоuldn’t cоmе uр with аnything еvеn rеmоtеly оffеnsivе, thеy’rе hеаdquаrtеrеd in Cаlifоrniа аftеr аll. It’s just thе disrеsреct tо еvеryоnе еlsе оn thе fоrum, mаking оthеrs cоrrеct yоur mistаkеs оr think thаt thеy’rе intеrаcting with а реrsоn, nоt а cоmрutеr trying tо guеss whаt thе nеxt wоrd shоuld bе. idk why I’m rерlying sincе I cоuld sеnd it tо ChаtGPT аnd аvоid thе middlеmаn, but thаt bеgs thе quеstiоn оf whеthеr yоu wаnt yоur реrsоnаlity tо bе sоmеthing mоrе thаn а middlеmаn bеtwееn а humаn аnd а mаchinе imitаting humаn intеrаctiоn?

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I’m always open to new insights and perspectives. Glad that you have brought forward your thoughts on the use of ChatGPT in formulating responses in forums.

I definitely agree that using ChatGPT to craft responses dehumanises the interaction aspect between forum users.

However, while this is a forum for users to discuss topics and create new ideas together as humanly as possible, all of us are typing behind a screen and a user would just see an output in the form of a text response. There is emotion evoked from the language and tone we use for our responses but it can never replace a normal face to face interaction. Even humanoids are not at that level yet and will never be.

Now it again comes down to personal preference, whether you would like to just respond without care for grammatical or structural errors in your sentences. If you care more about the human interaction and forming an online personality through the responses you make, that is perfectly alright.

With regards to the language problem in this forum, I agree that it can be disrespectful towards users who have trouble communicating in English, and having to read AI-formulated text responses. It can be distasteful to some users, and they might interpret it as a form of arrogance.

If for example they have trouble understanding the responses, then in that case I will have to engage in a proper discussion to clarify our personal intentions with the user myself, provided if they voice out their concerns so that I’m aware.

I would never disrespect or look down on users who have trouble communicating in English on this forum, and in fact I enjoy interactions with such users because it gives me different perspectives and I just love seeing what ideas people bring in general.

If you prefer having an online personality, that is okay as long as you don’t impart your beliefs on others in a way that forces them to comply. Of course with the exception of the rules governing this forum.

I myself prefer to put out responses that I’m comfortable reading myself. I guess that’s just my preference isn’t it ?. Forming a personality online isn’t something I want or do because I generally prefer to do it AFK.

Apologies if anyone has been offended by anything I’ve posted. Feel free to share your perspectives :)

Thank you @sqeezelemon for sharing your perspective on this.

ꓮgaіn, уou сome tо а рlacе meаnt ехactlү fоr humаn іntеraϲtіօn ԝіth үоur lіfelеѕѕ, аutogеnerаtеd reрlіеs. Try re‐rеading уօur rеplіeѕ fօr once аnd mаybe then уοu’d rеаlіѕе thаt theү ѕοund morе lifeleѕѕ thаn а fаϲebօοk prеѕѕ rеlеаѕе аfter аnothеr dаtа breaᴄh͵ corрoratе аrt stylе іncludеd.

Սnliĸе the crеаtorѕ of ChаtGPꓔ, I dоn’t ԝаnt to іmpart mү beliefѕ оn аnyonе, аnd ӏ’m morе than օреn to реօрlе usіng tесhnolοgy for еnhanᴄіng ϲommunіcаtion in thеir teхtuаl rеѕрonsеs͵ ѕuch aѕ ѕреll cheϲкerѕ οr trаnѕlators. What you fаіl tօ realіѕе іѕ thаt thеѕе mеthods аre meаnt tο just еnhаnϲе thе inіtіаl͵ pеrѕonal аnd human gеnеrаtеd tехt. All you pump out οn the othеr hand arе tеxtѕ mоrе lіfelеѕѕ thаn the іngredіеnt lіst օf аn air freѕhener͵ ԝhich gеnеratе nothing but rеsеntment frоm anүonе but уou.

As far as anyone’s concerned you’re not forming a personality AFK, it’s the AI pretending on your behalf, and even so, I doubt a person with an interesting personality wouldn’t even be able to put a functioning sentence himself, sounds like a shell of a personality that only their parents would even remotely be interested in.

And this could have been overlooked if you made sense, but you aren’t. All you (or, rather, AI) is doing is using big words that make it sound like you’re a philosophy major, but guess what, I could say “I’m touching sh*t with a stick” in French and to a non-french it would sound like the most beautiful thing they’ve ever heard, yet you’d run into a problem if you were to say that to a frenchman. Well guess what, we are the frenchman, and the fact that you’re posting complete BS is оbvious to anyone who’ve spent 5 minutes in this game. Ι’m ѕϲаrеd tο еven think hοԝ hаrd yоur AI ATC pοst ϲοuld be debunкed, аnd that’s from ѕomeօnе ԝho hаѕ nеvеr rеally got intо Μꓡ (so far аt leаѕt)

So then what’s the goal? Make everyone despise you? Nope, could have just dropped the n-word and got a result magnitudes better. Make everyone not trust a single word you post? Again, could have just pretended that your JetStar A320 is actually a private jet. You’re achievening nothing positive and have no ground to stand on, as would be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than that of a chair, why not pause for a second and self reflect?

Also, out of curiocity, mind sharing why you were typing that out for half an hour? Seems a bit inefficient.


lol 😂 i agree

First of all I would again apologise if my reply was indeed offensive towards you, and I’m here to assure u that I mean no harm at all. It seems that u take things rather personally and judging from the tone of your reply, it is clear that u wrote it under an immense amount of frustration and anger.

I would sincerely like to apologise from the bottom of my heart , for making u feel this way and others included (if there are any individuals out there).

First of all I’d like to mention that what I’m about to type out isn’t personal at all and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

A “place meant exactly for human interaction”. Correct me if I’m wrong but, isn’t this just a forum for discussion on topics related to the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight?
Yes, Although it is a community forum for users who fly a lot on the sim and want to be part of the IF community, aren’t you still typing your responses via a screen ? And the output generated is still just a text, unless you send cool images of course.

There’s plenty of avenues in the real world that are specifically meant for real human interactions. I could cite an example closer to Infinite Flight, in which they host fan meetups in real life, where the last of such events was held in London at Heathrow Airport. (At least from the videos they post on their YT )

I didn’t know it was a place exactly meant for human interactions. I mean there are other avenues that can be more appropriately categorised as “a place exactly meant for human interactions”.

I don’t really categorise this forum or any forum as an avenue for human interactions. That is why I’d thought that it would be appropriate to just use AI to generate texts. Apologies again for doing this.

For the last few lines where you mentioned about Facebook’s press release after a data breach, I think that generally most big tech giants tend to issue statements that are just plain boring and uninteresting for most individuals. I’m pretty sure they have an appropriate reason for it since a data breach event isn’t exactly funny or something to be hyped about. Unless of course certain individuals prefer it.

Appreciate this reply 👍 feel free to discuss further or share your perspectives. I think this is what makes forums really interesting, where we can see different perspectives and shed light on our differences in opinions :) its just beautiful.

Alright this one’s a little puzzling, first of all when an individual reads the topic I’ve posted or happen to come across it, I think that their first thought process would be to digest the information presented toward them and to try and make sense of what’s written. I don’t really know why it generates alot of resentment because I never stated that it was wholly written by me and I’d assume in this kind of forum spaces, that it’d be alright to use AI to generate my text. If you could help clarify that I would be most grateful.

Had I known that this community would prefer to have a more emotion evoking text output, I’d be happy to try and create funny articles if that’s what you guys are more comfortable with. I’d figure that only in social media would you see such examples of great emotion evoking stories and posts, never thought that in a forum like this one I’d have to post topics that are emotionally evoking 😅

My bad. Looks like I’m really indeed new to this community haha

Whoa! that’s bold of you to assume that of me. It’s ok I generally often get misunderstood. As humans sometimes uh we tend to misinterpret each other’s intentions. It’s resolving or finding our differences and recognising that there’s everyone’s comfort zone, and we generally try to respect that as humans by not stepping across through our actions. Nothing personal but I’d appreciate if you could have asked me in a more positive note.

Haha my bad indeed. I tend to take a lot of time to craft my responses to ensure that I’m getting the right points across without being too personal. It’s just a habit of mine unfortunately 😂

(P.S that’s why I need AI to help me formulate my text so that it could be much more proper to put it simply.)

The A320 is one of my favourite aircrafts to be on, personally I’d never pretend that I’m on a private jet, because it would just seem too small for me, not that I can ever afford it or anything 😂😂 Unless it’s the G650ER but I’d take Airbus and Boeing airplanes any day over private jets, since they’re are so much more fascinating.

Overall your response seems to be very satirical and I don’t really know where you’re getting at. Most of the sentences (correct me if I’m wrong) are probably jokes that I’m not getting or idk if it’s personal insults, tbh man I have no clue.

personally id take it positively since I think a parent’s love is unconditional, and I’m thankful to have grown up with both parents. It’s like no matter how badly we screw up they still love us right 😂 i have a lot to thank them for.

Apologies if I just gave too brief of a response and using AI to generate the text. I just wanted to hear some thoughts regarding such implementations in infinite flight and some feedback from IFATC personnel. Please don’t take it the wrong way and I don’t mean offence to anyone that’s doing CS or ML in general. I just wanted some responses from controllers and I was happy that I could get their data input.

I’m glad that controllers disprove of my idea since AI can never replace humans in general and thats kinda my belief I go by whenever delving into such topics and I’d say the same for u too, since your tone was really aggressive 😅. Glad that your as passionate as I was.

Much Appreciated ! Glad to have this discussion with you @sqeezelemon

Interesting discussion for sure :)

However, it may be more suited for a message between the two of you at this point?
I think everything else have been quite well covered.

@sqeezelemon @YunSeong


Can’t agree more ! I’d love to discuss it more in a private message if that’s convenient for you @sqeezelemon or if u would prefer to create a thread so as to engage others in our discussion, I’d be more than happy and willing to oblige.

thanks @schyllberg ! for the AI usage concerns voiced out by community members, I will definitely take note and will take steps as mentioned in our private message.

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