An addition to Pier 1 at Manchester

As you may or may not know, Manchester Airport (EGCC) has recently added an extension to Terminal 2 and it’s mostly known as Pier 1. As being based in Manchester, I’d like to see this extension to EGCC added into IF. Airlines like Jet2, TUI and Cathay Pacific all use this part of Terminal 2. The picture below is from flightradar24 and the terminal a little bit to the left side is Pier 1.

Hi there! Unfortunately IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) members do not take requests for airports to be edited, they do it on their own. This will likely be edited in the future, and is likely unable to be edited because of a lack of scenery on their part to use to edit it. You can join IFAET here if you want to help edit airports, and here are some more useful links below: