An Abstract Art — The Art of Aviation


The one and only legend is back! Me! Well, I brought to you some photos, of course, that’s why I’m here making this topic. I love art, and I’ve been practicing my skills. But these photos are not real Art, they’re from IF, edited to look like real drawings. Crazy, right? So yeah, how about you see them instead of listening to me.

An Air Canada 787 bathing in the sun at Toronto Lester B. Pearson Intl’ Airport. This is from IF, but the edit makes it look like a read drawing!

After going through old replays, I found one from an AA event at CLT. I edited a photo and this is what I got! A little pixilated but great nonetheless in my opinion.

I wonder if this will become a trend like rain and clouds

For these edits I used a software new to me, at least. It’s I hope you enjoyed these, and as always, feedback is accepted. Thank you and have a great day!


I can deem this the least successful #screenshots-and-videos topic I have ever made. Not disappointed, but it’s the truth.

Nice Photos!

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Why thank you! Maybe this just needed a small bump.

Cool pictures! I wish I could edit like that!

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Thank you! I linked a website so you can do it too.

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