An A320 Went off the Runway!

Pakistan International airlines aircraft veered off the runway at Islamabad Airport.

An A-320 flight #PK-451, was bound for Skardu from Islamabad today. As it was climbing out of Islamabad’s runway 30 the crew stopped the climb at FL150 reporting a hydraulic failure and decided to return to Islamabad.
The aircraft entered a hold while the crew worked the checklists and burned fuel, the aircraft subsequently positioned for a landing on runway 30, touched down safely at 13:35L but veered right off the runway and came to a stop with all gear on soft ground.
There were no injuries.



I’m glad no one was hurt! Could’ve been much worse.

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Yeah I expected something worse from the title but yeah…

Don’t you know cliffhanger titles when you see them ;)

Cliffhanger titles are more like clickbait.

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