Dose anyone else kinda like this plane? I think it could be fun to fly between islands. (This is not a feature, I do not want this in Infinite.)


Looks like the twin otter

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Is this a feature request

No it is not.

Ya it dose, I think the Twin Otter looks so much better.

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Kinda like a fat twin otter!☺️

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I agree the twin otter does look better

Lol It dose, it had a couple trips to the dinner. :P

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It looks pretty good.

Am I the only one that thinks it is ugly as hell? :D

No, I think it could be better if they redesigned the windows, and the tail.

…and the nose, and the wings, maybe the wheels… hahaha. Just kidding :).


It’s ok, I think it’s just a little ‘messy’

Copied the Twin otter

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Yah, the Twin Otter was out in 1965, the An-28 was in 1969.


Antonov copy all

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Perfect for island hopping.

Looks a bit cluttered somehow, but like everyone else said, it’d be great for island hoping.

Ugliest plane I’ve ever seen! Bet it would be fun to fly though. At least if I was inside it, I wouldn’t have to see the outside!

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