AN-24 crashed in Buryatia

AN-24 with tailnumber RA-47366 and belonging to “Angara” airline carshed at Nigneangarsk airport.

Timeline of the crash:

  • Angara’s AN-24 takes off from Nigneangarinsk airport (UIUN), heading to Irkutsk (UIII) with 43 people onboard.
  • Shortly after takeoff pilots report left engine failure, requesting emergency landing.
  • Plane touches down at Nigneangarinsk airport, exceding maximum landing speed by 50%, shortly after touchdown the tyres on the right landing gear go off andthe planeskids off the runaway to the right. Right landing gear collapses, plane crashes into treatment facilities, killing both (2) pilots first pilot and technician and injuring at least 21 people, 9 of which were hospitalised.


  • From DailyStorm: Angara had some issues and even lawsuits with the repair facilities. In february of 2019 the airline sued “Aramilsky aviacionniy remontniy zavod” (Aramilsky aviation repair factory, will be further called AARZ) for 1 million rubles because of bad repair. In 2008 AARZ was repairing another of their AN-24PB (RA-47302), which crashed-landed on the shore of Ob river in 2011, killing 5 out of 37 peolple onboard. That crash was caused by failure, and then fire in the left engine. AARZ admitted, that the repair was done badly, and that it caused the crash. (Piece of an article, simplified).
  • From Russia Today: On April 25, 2010 low hydralic system pressure was reported during landing. The plane landed safely with the help of emergency hydralic system. 4 days after that during pre-start checks autofeathering was found not working on right engine. That day plane didn’t take off.

Photo and video

The footage might be graphic to some

photo and video


Video of landing:
Пассажир снял момент крушения самолета в Нижнеангарске - YouTube
Video of landing from airport CCTV:
Telegram: Contact @bazabazon
Eyewitness talking about the landing:

Photos from the crash site

Photo of the treatment facilities, which the plane smashed into. Photo source #1
Photo of the burning wreckage Photo source #1

What is left from the plane Baza


21 injured: Число пострадавших при катастрофе Ан-24 в Бурятии возросло до 21 - РИА Новости, 02.12.2019
9 hospitalised: Число госпитализированных после крушения Ан-24 выросло до девяти человек - РИА Новости, 02.12.2019
Photo source #1:
43 injured: Telegram: Contact @breakingmash
Dailystorm article:
Baza (tyres): Telegram: Contact @bazabazon
Wikipedia (some info): Катастрофа Ан-24 в Нижнеангарске — Википедия
Russia Today: Telegram: Contact @rt_russian

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That’s really unfortunate, I’m hoping to hear soon on survivors. I honestly thought all was well until that wing broke :(

According to recent news articles, 2 people were killed. They were both the crew members. :(

Wow another crash. But,

Why this happens? Is the cause a problem with the engine?

Don’t know. I guess we would find that out when flight recorder data will be recovered

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The video of that crash is so scary! They looked like they were just on a normal approach, then you see the runway on the right getting slimmer and slimmer, then they’re in grass, then there’s the boom.

I hope that this isn’t too catastrophic. I wish the best for anyone on board and for their families.

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I hope the injuried people will be fine

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