An-225 scheduled to land at HYD

The Antonov An-225 is is scheduled to make its first landing in India on May 13 at VOHS/HYD at midnight. A twenty-hour crew rest before it departs for another stopover at Jakarta and then continuing it’s final leg to Perth!

Follow the flight on FlightRadar24!


Jakarta… @SingaporeAirlines

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I Thought they replaced the stopover with Kuala Lumpur/Singapore instead of Jakarta (Based by some comments on Skyscrapercity, IIRC they decided to cancel Jakarta stopover and moved it to somewhere) Nice to see An-225 lands here :D

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It was scheduled to Jakarta but they’ve changed it to Kuala Lumpur for unknown reasons :/

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If I Read from Skyscrapercity, It was told that probably because lack of parking lots. The aircraft is way too big

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Would love to see that plane landing in Jakarta, I am actually putting effort to get time and money to go to perth just to see the plane land and take off.

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I want so see it in Perth… Hope to see it on the news

Yup, sadly this plane couldn’t land on Jakarta :(.

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