AN-225 (Oakland Int. Airport)

Hey guys! As you may have heard, those of you live near Oakland had a pleasant surprise roughly a week ago!

On September 9, 2018 An-225 Mirya made an absolutely gorgeous approach into Oakland int. Airport (runway 30) at around 4:30 PM (PST).

Here’s a link showing the beautiful approach/landing!

Here’s a link showing all clear ATC communication during the approach/landing

(Notice how excited some of these pilots get, it’s like they are kids at a candy shop)

I hope you guys enjoy these videos as much as I did! It was nice to have this enormous aircraft stop by California!

Some Images of the An-225 for those of you who aren’t familiar with what it looks like



Nice,wish I was in the Bay Area when this happened!


Great topic, however the #real-world-aviation:spotting category should only be used for shots/videos that you, yourself took.

Moved it to RWA and out of the spotting category since these are not your pictures or videos.

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Thanks, sorry about that!

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She was in Orlando about a year ago for quick early morning refuel. If I could have pealed myself away from work, I would’ve gone to see it. Really ticked that I couldn’t make it.

Damn, sorry to hear that man! That’s truly a bummer! Has the beast been around since?

She is such a beauty! Nice to see her coming into the Bay Area. Lots of delays were created at KOAK upon her arrival and departure the next day.

I agree, she is just magnificent! Ya I bet there was a lot of traffic “hold ups” around the KOAK area! It must’ve been amazing for those other pilots to get aerial views of her!

With her presence, everywhere she taxiied, there were debris left behind. After she took off from KOAK heading to PHNL, they shut down Runway 30, the runway that all commercial planes and bigger depart from, and the taxiways that she used to taxi just so they could clear debris that she left behind.

It took at least 15 minutes until the sweepers were able to clear the taxiways and runway from the debris.

Wow I know she left some debris, but not that much to close it down for that long! I’m sure it was worth it though for sure! If I recall correctly through the YouTube video above, I thought they cleared “Rednose ###” to land on 30? Maybe the time frame was 15+ minutes. I’m not too sure about that. Correct me if I’m wrong though 😀

They at first told Rednose to continue inbound and when the Airport Cars announced that they have reopened the runway, they cleared Rednose to land and the other plane behind Rednose to land I think it was Southwest

There were times where VASAviation would put time intervals “10 minutes later” in his videos. I think he did it more than once.

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Oh gotcha. Ya they makes more sense. That sounds familiar too. Yea I sometimes do other things when I’m watching the video, at times I usually only listen rather than actually watch. So I must’ve missed the note regarding the time lapse. Turns out they are really important😂. Thanks for the clarification!

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very cool! The AN-225 is starting to become a super rare plane.

I mean I can’t criticize since I would do the exact same thing… 😂

Just interested, what kind of debris does a large aircraft leave behind that requires a runway sweep? Dust, dirt? Nuts and bolts?

Probably dust, dirt, leaves, etc. This is most likely because of the engines.

What a site that be! They brought the 225 out here to ANC years back and had shut three parking spots down for the 225

I heard the AN 225 stayed in the old United hangar at KOAK. United doesn’t operate from KOAK anymore.

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because there is only one