AN-158 Maiden Flight

From Antonov’s Facebook page

On April 28, 2010, AN158 regional passenger jet performed its maiden flight. This airplane continued the family the family of AN148 passenger aircraft The plane was controlled by the crew of ANTONOV Comapny captained by Hero of Ukraine, Sergii Troshin, test pilot 1st class, co-piloted by Andrii Spasibo, test pilot 1st class, accompanied by Mykola Sidorenko, the test engineer. In 2011 the AN-158 was certified. Till present six such series airplanes were constructed at ANTONOV Company. Nowadays, the aircraft are tested to widen operational conditions for all the aircraft of the AN-1X8 family. After that, the aircraft will be reequipped with Western- and Ukrainian-made equipment and systems to replace Russian-made ones. In particular, following the works on the aircraft interior improvement, the passenger capacity will be increased up to 102 pax.


Looks like a mix of the Avro, Dornier Jet, and Airbus Wingtip Fences to me :D
But tbh, nowadays it’s all about the fuel efficiency, and this doesn’t look more efficient than older models to me. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s because of the similarities to European 1990ish planes.

Good work mate.

Any orders for it?

Actually, the first flight was 9 years ago today

Well hey that’s a cute little jet 😄

Congrats to Antonov!

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