An-124 flights to Paine

If you’ve been following KPAE airport updates you may have seen that there have been a lot of AN-124 flights to and from there lately. Does anyone have an idea why they’ve become so frequent recently? Usually they are rare visitors but there’s been 3 flights to KPAE that I know of so far this month.


Maybe they’re delivering 787-10 parts? Or maybe 737Max.


Why not use the Dreamlifter for those parts?

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All the updates Im getting are GE engines. Most likely GE90s but still doesn’t explain why they’ve become frequent. Usually those are delivered by rail.

Edit: GE90’s are delivered by truck.


Maybe they need extra freighters to deliver parts, again, I’m just speculating.


AN-124s aren’t cheap, maybe the supply chain isn’t keeping up for some reason so there are less engines per train coming in.

The 787-10 is going to be built in Charleston. The 737 max is built in Renton. (Just saying)


That would be a reason however 4 came in today on the latest flight. I’m contacting my source for an additional details.

Heard from one of my sources that almost all GE90s are delivered by truck.

Possibly your answer

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