Hello, here is some photos of Aeromexico flight 879 from KDEN to MMMX, one of my home airports (the real one is MMMD, In Mérida*
Taking Off from RWY 8

Climbing to Cruise Altitude of FL370

Flying Over Oasis State Park, Nuevo México

Descending Over Lago de Morenos, Jalisco, in México 🇲🇽

Final Approach RWY 5R (is the typical runway for landings in Real Life)

Señoras y Señores bienvenidos a la Ciudad de México (welcome to México City)

Flight: Aeromexico 879
Flight Time: 2h58min
Date: 13/10/2020 (jeje Tuesday 13th)
Aircraft: B737-700

I just want to add that I spotted @MishaCamp in the Terminal 2 with the 77W, in MMMX. Also, you might see that there’s no planes, they all in dots, because I don’t have a powerful device 😕

Thanks for watching the photos, I’ll see you soon. Hasta pronto y Buenas Noches (Good Night)


P.D: The screenshots were taken from the replay.

Nice pics, love the 737-700

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Appreciate you for the comment, I love 737´s in 3 hour flights.

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