AMVA Virtual Callsign

Hello I am the COO of the Aeromexico Virtual and we just got approved and if a moderator could add the Virtual organization to the list so I can choose it that would be great.

Hey Jack, a few things.

Firstly, the IFC account you are using is not listed as the COO for AMVA in our database. Please confirm that you are the COO of the recently approved AMVA. This IFC account is the one that AMVA has listed as the current COO:

Make sure your CEO adds your correct IFC account as the COO in our database, and, well, if you have two IFC accounts, that’s a different issue.

Secondly, as for adding the VO tag for the IFC to use in-app, IF staff add these in batches periodically. We at IFVARB are not informed when this occurs, but it does occur somewhat regularly, so sit tight.

yes, I forgot to mention that my google account was hacked and I had to create a new one

All good, see my comment at the end for the answer to your original question!

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