Amueller's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi! I am looking to work on my ATC Skills. Feel free to stop by!

Airport: George Bush Intercontinental Airport
Server: Training Server
Status: CLOSED

First Tracking Thread session, feedback appreciated!


I am SWA1997
Aka Southwest 588VA
Am I in your airspace?
I am heading into Hobby!

No, you are not in my airspace.

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Ok thank you

Coming in right now.

Sorry, but I plan to close in about 2 minutes. Apologies!

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No worries , feel free to tag me next time you open.

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Hi, @Amueller!
Here is my feedback for your ATC Training at KIAH.

  • All ground service (pushback and taxi) was good!
  • First pattern was great. No issue.
  • Runway change also handled nicely.
  • I don’t know why you gave me extend downwind command at my second pattern, meanwhile there is no traffic near me. And you gave me the clearance after I already turned base.
  • However, I request Transition at KIAH and you gave me “Transition approve at or above 5,000ft”. Here is the correct transition alt command → for example, KIAH. Airport alt is 83ft. So 83 + 1000 + 1500 = 2583 or you can just give me 2500ft. So the correct transition alt is 2,500ft.
  • After I request transition, I request to land and you gave me “Cleared to land” not “Clear for the option” which is good.
  • Exit runway command is also nicely handled.

Overall, great session, hope to see you soon! Have a good day!

(for IFATC person that reads my feedback, if I am wrong, please correct me. Thanks!)


Hi! Thanks for the feedback! The reason I extended your downwind was because when an aircraft is landing on 9, traffic on 15/33 has to hold due to the layout of the airport. I know the other traffic was landing on 15R, but it is the same deal, I cant have traffic landing/taking off on the 15s at the same time as 9 landings. Ill clean up my transition work, thank you!

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Hey there!

I was flying as C-FIRE during your training session today. Below you will find some minor feedback:

02:30Z - Great job resolving the ground conflict with Speedbird 919 by issuing the “Give way to aircraft” command!

02:35Z - After I had requested a runway change to 15R, you issued me a pattern entry which was excellent. However, you later issued me, “Runway 15R, Cleared for the option.” I would have preferred, “Runway 15R, Cleared for the option, after the option, make right traffic”, as I was remaining in the pattern on the new runway.

02:38Z - On my final pattern, you forgot my sequence behind Speedbird 919 and proceeded to only issue me,“C-FIRE, number 2, Runway 15R, Cleared for the option.”

Remember, if there are more than one aircraft in the pattern for the same runway, you MUST issue the following:

  1. Pattern Entry (If inbound or changing runways)
  2. Sequence
  3. Clearance

Please take a look at the Pattern / Inbounds portion of the ATC Manuel regarding sequencing if you’d like to know more.

Overall, I really enjoyed today’s session. Your controlling is outstanding for your first session and I’m excited to see you grow as a controller over the next few sessions!

Feel free to contact me anytime regarding IFATC questions as I’d be happy to help!

Cheers! :)

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Open again!

Airport: Austin Bergstrom Airport (KAUS)
Server: Training Server
Frequencies: Tower & Ground
Status: OPEN

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Feedback from N17EE

  • Pattern entry , runway changes were all good

Very textbook session therefore I have no feedback from you

Have an nice rest of your day / night .

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I am coming!

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Thank you for coming!

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Closed now! Thank you for stopping by!

Nice job giod pattern instructions and runway change.

But you have to issue the “exit Runway and contact ground” around 60knts. (It’s too difficult to me either…)

Nice Job bro.
Tag me the next session

P.s. Severe wind… I hate🤣🤣

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Sorry about that “exit runway and contact ground”, I did not realize you were doing a full stop until the last second.

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Status: Closed! Thanks for stopping by!
Airport: Munich (EDDM)
Server: Training Server
Frequencies Tower & Ground
Runways: 26L/R

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Hey there! I was C-FIRE,

Excellent Work today! I found no issues with your incredible ATC skills :D
Hope to see you on the IFATC discord soon!


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Really appreciate it! Glad I improved from the previous session!

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