Amsterdam Touch And Goes @ EHAM - 252430ZJAN16 {Cancelled}

Event: Touch And Goes In Amsterdam
Airport: EHAM
Aircarft: Any Commercial Aircraft
Time: 7:30 EST to 8:30 EST (0030 to 0130)
Server: ATC Playground

NOTAM: Spawn form gates D21-D29 then taxi to runway 24 where touch and goes will commence. After takeoff we will mantain 3000ft and 240kts and make left traffic for touch and goes.

I will need some Air Traffic Controllers so I will need a few volunteers.
Open Right Now

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I will be in a A320 with the callsign of Swiss 48.

I will be there!!! Airbus 350 is my callsign

And there no such thing as 2430Z, that would be 0030Z and does this mean that the event lasts for a day -30 minutes? 😂

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sorry I mean 0030

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I crashed. 😩😔😞