Amsterdam to St./Sint Maarten

Hey and welcome to my first event! If you would like to join please let me know there should be many gates available at Amsterdam!

Aircraft and livery: KLM 2015 747-400

Route: EHAM to TNCM

Time and date of departure: July 27th, 2019 at 9:00 AM Eastern United States

Server: Training


We will use Concourse F at Amsterdam. There may not be enough gates for everyone so just wanted to mention some people might have to use smaller gates for the 747.

If this event goes badly please don’t get mad at me! This is my first event so I am almost certain I didn’t make this event in correct format. Tell me if you are okay being in a livestream because I will livestream the event as well.

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This should be under #live:events

However, you must be at least TL2 to post in events.

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Really ok I wil delete it

For future reference it’s spelled St./Sint Maarten or Princess Juliana International Airport.