Amsterdam to Saint Maarten

In today’s flight i had flown from Amsterdam to Saint Maarten for the first time in Infinite Flight. It was a very fun flight even though I was flying mostly over the Ocean. But i did get some nice screenshots the Infinite Flight Community might enjoy. Thank you @Noahanacooa1 for that late ATC control at Princess Juliana. I wish you were there to rate my landing but i still appreciate the ATC service.

Route : EHAM to TNCM.
Inital Crusing Altitude: 34,000ft.
Final Crusing Altitude: 38,000ft.
Flight Time: 8 hours and 52 minutes.
KLM 2015 Boeing 747-400.
Expert Server.

Bright night Departure on runway 24 at Amsterdam Schiphol.

Outside and wing view of a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic.

Close shot of my decent to Princess Juliana International.

My landing and back taxing on runway 10.

Parked at Terminal Gate 04 at Princess Juliana.


Nice photos!TNCM looks so busy


Cool! planning on a flight from miami to sint maarten

Nice! Why were so many deleted?

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Excellent shots mate:D St Maarten is my fav airport in the Carribean!XD


I am not sure when i post the first one it made a double post of the same topic.