Amsterdam to Rome

I fly from Amsterdam to Rome with this MD-11.
Server: casual
Status: grade 1q




The 2nd photo is very nice


Very nice shooting, I hope you enjoyed on your journey. Keep it up, so we can see you at “Expert Sever” very soon

Welcome to the community capt :)

Welcome to our beautiful community! Very beautiful picture ! See you soon in the sky!

Welcome to the community Kian! Thanks for choosing Infinite Flight.

Some amazing shots right here. Very nice route and scenery also. Very good :)

Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing @Kian_Luca :)

I flew that same route IRL earlier this year.
On a KLM 738

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Welcome to the community! We are glad you joined! And awesome photos! That scenery looks amazing.

If this is your first post on this forum, I can’t wait to see what’s next 😊

Hope you stick around, contribute more, check out the #tutorials and become a great pilot, fully trained up for Expert by the time your reach Grade 3.

nice view good shots, is just perfect