Amsterdam to Portland in the Delta A330 - My First Long-ish Haul in a Long Time

Yesterday I marked the beginning of my finals week by taking the A330 from Amsterdam to Portland. It was my first long haul in a long time, clocking in at almost 9 and a half hours. The last long haul i did was before many of these wide bodies had been reworked.

Mini-Mod Repellant / Flight Details

Route: Amsterdam to Portland
Aircraft: A330 in the Delta livery
Duration: 9 hours, 28 minutes
Cruising Alt: 30,000ft

  1. Sitting at the gate, getting the flight plan off of flightaware

2. Taxiing to Runway 9, while a 777-300 (didnt find a username associated with this plane) was speeding down the runway.

3. Now it was my turn to get into the sky

4. Skipping ahead 2 or so hours, we have a view of the west side of Iceland from the left side of the aircraft.

5. Views of Greenland

6. A little ways into Canada

7. Flying over the mountains a ways north-east of Vancouver, BC and west of Edmonton

8. Cruising over Seattle International Airport, just a few minutes before descent begins.

9. Skipping straight to touchdown on runway 28L in Portland with Mt. Hood and an American 757 holding short in the background.

10. At gate D11 in Portland, where the real life flight ended at.

  • 1 At the gate in Amsterdam
  • 2 Taxiing out to runway 09
  • 3 Rotating into the sky
  • 4 Views of Iceland
  • 5 Views of Greenland
  • 6 Far north of Canada
  • 7 Mountains a ways west of Edmonton
  • 8 Flying over Seattle Int’ Airport
  • 9 Landing in Portland
  • 10 At the gate in Portland

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