Amsterdam to Mumbai | 777-200 | KLM

Amsterdam to Mumbai | 🇳🇱 -> 🇮🇳

Hey! AMS-BOM came in first over HEL-JFK when I asked what you guys wanted to see next, so as promised, here it is.
This was a fun route, I flew it a week or so ago when ATC was in Europe. Amsterdam was very busy when I left. I timed this flight perfectly by accident, leaving at sunset and arriving at sunrise. Well without further ado, let’s g e t I t
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Flight “deets”

Callsign: KLM 877 Heavy
Flight time: 7:55
Altitudes: 370,390


At the gate loading inhale Mango and pineapple juice from Egypt for @Captain_JR (because you never know which one he’ll have a hankering for mid flight), DC-9s for @Butter_Boi, A golf course and tiger woods for @NoahM, skis for @Jack_Q, a dog park for @Speedyyy and his dog, a Vietnam a350 for @snoman, a Cargolux 747 and nerf weapon for @Altaria55 (😉), and much less importantly, some fuel 😒

Blasting out of Amsterdam despite our heavy load of a few golf courses and aircraft

A few photos showcasing how beautiful this plane is, inside and out (in the least weird way possible)

Cruising at 370 with dog parks, 747s, DC-9s, A350s, and a juice store aboard.

5 or so hours later, the sun begins to rise near India, and Noah and Tiger Woods admire the moon out their window

A few hours later, heavy smog in Mumbai creates a dramatic effect for landing, with the sun still orange in the sky

Notifying all dog parks and aircraft aboard to brace for another spine breaking landing

And at the gate in Mumbai with quite a mess to clean up in the aircraft, tiger woods knocked over all the juice boxes with a golf ball, sorry @NoahM but he is now banned until further notice from flying with us.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed!

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That’s one way of consuming it 😂


I meant both types but 😂

Also guys click the photos for full res. and size, some got cut off


Very nice, loved the text used.

One suggestion though, these shots were a bit over-saturated in my opinion…

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Love them mate! Would love to see you do a nice gd’ol Cathay A350: Sydney to Kai tak or Chek Lap Kok

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Thanks! Yeah, these were a little more edited than usual, thanks for the feedback!

@VH-VCQ Thanks! I did a Cathay a350 post a day or so ago, but yeah, that might be cool to do one day.

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The whole cargo story made me laugh…a lot!

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Nice, nice, nice! I think my favorite is the one with you lowering the gear. Love reading what are loading onboard! I think all I would bring would be a beach chair… and an entire beach and an ocean. ;)

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Beautiful photos. I hope you had a good flight!

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Dang too bad I can’t fly on Suhas Air anymore


Awesome photos! These captions are the best 😂


Good lord dude these photos are incredible. Skis for me? Ahh man, can’t use them for another 5 months darn. But thanks for much for the thought!

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This is gonna take quite some time to make a gif about. 😂

Awesome photos, @Suhas!


Stunning photos 😍

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@BennyBoy_Alpha haha, thanks!

@Mr-plane-guy1 lol thanks, I’ll add you in my post 😉

@captainJONES thanks, I did!

@NoahM You might be able to come along again, if you tag me in your next post. Tiger, though… he’s not welcome anymore.

@MJP_27 haha thanks 😁

@Jack_Q Thanks, and don’t worry, there’s ski slopes on board.

@Butter_Boi haha, thanks!

@Hunter777 Thank you!


Awesome pictures! Love the blurr too.

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Great pictures. I’ve learned not to question what’s onboard these days.

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@NoahM now has competition 😏

Great photos!


Thanks KJ!
@ButterMachine haha probably a good idea.
@anon38496261 😎🙏

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How did you edit the pics like putting at how much feet you was and all that?