Amsterdam to London; is it possible?

So my subscription ran out a couple of days ago and I’m going to renew soon, but before that I wanted to try something out. Is it possible to fly from EHAM to EGLL (I have bought the London region in the past) by crossing the North Sea with engines on idle. Sadly, this hasn’t been the case, even with a 98knt tailwind. Before Global hit the AppStore, in an interview was said that you would be able to fly from one region to another if you fly:

  1. Fast enough
  2. High enough (trade altitude for speed)

I’ve tried this in an ERJ-190 and this has made me curious: is it really
possible? My attempt has failed so, any idea on how you can do it?

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Try transitioning through the Paris region, it will work.

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I don’t have the Paris region (back then, the Paris region was basically useless)

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Trying climbing as high as you can in a fighter and glide down into Amsterdam from above. It might work depending on your skill and winds.


Will try that out Tomorrow, I’m still skeptical about it. BTW, you basically stall out no matter how high you get, and your speed goes down to the point that your not making any progress. A bit disappointing.

I’ve done LA to San Fransisco pre-global with a fighter, Amsterdam to London should be a breeze :)

Dont encourage… xD

Simple: Get Global then you can fly wherever! :P

But Its possible! :)

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He’s using the latest version

Did you even read my post?

The Devs actually coded it so this could be possible for users without a Pro subscription!


Physics were maybe different back then.

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The devs coded it if the regions are connected. For example, the bottom right corner of the London region is connected to the top left corner of Paris. You can transition through that corner. You would have to go through the London/Paris corner and then again through Paris/Amsterdam.

Trying to go from London to Amsterdam in a fighter is going to be risky and not what the devs intented.


@Chris_S was talking about this mate, sorry for the confusion

And he is going to fly through Paris how?

We are saying that the best way is to fly through Paris. if you don’t have it then that puts a damper on the situation.


It’s definitely going to be tough. Let us know how it goes!

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You can fly between Chicago and Oshkosh though, both are free.

I know, I just don’t really like that region.

Good things always come to an end. 😢

Before global, after the engine went idle, by holding thw throttle at 100%, it worked. This was way back in 2013.