Amsterdam to Dubai // B77W

Amsterdam 🇳🇱 to Dubai 🇦🇪

Hey IFC! Back to Back flights with the B77W! Today’s flight was from Amsterdam to Dubai. Arrival into Dubai was wonderful as there were so many planes landing and departing! Here are some shots of the flight :D

This flight lands at around 12:00am in Dubai in real life, i changed the time to noon for you to see the pictures better :)

Flight Details:
Server- Expert
Flight time- 5hrs 59mins
Route- EHAM to OMDB
Cruising altitude- FL350
Aircraft- B777-300ER
Airline- KLM


Amazing pictures mate, really like them! :D

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Looks like a fun flight! Some great shots there too

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Thank you @if.aceh and @Saudia263 :)

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@AF-KLM_VA Look at this !