Amsterdam Schiphol - no Departures or Inbounds due to malfunction

As far I can see, the news is still only in Dutch, but it appears there’s a major outage at EHAM, resulting in no inbound and outbound traffic.

News bulletin in Dutch
Geen inkomend en uitgaand vliegverkeer op Schiphol door grote storing (via @NUnl)

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Nice News Bulletin. Lol
(It was Mark’s “How to make a Transition” video)

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"Air traffic at Schiphol is flattened Wednesday due to a major disruption in air traffic control. There is no inbound or outbound air traffic possible.
The cause of the fault is unknown. A spokesperson for the airport reports to that it is still being investigated what is going on. Due to the malfunction, the traffic tower can not communicate with aircraft.

The fault arose shortly after 13.00. It is not clear when air traffic can be started."

Here is the English translation. Wonder what might’ve caused this issue.


It took some time but, as I can see, there are some few landings on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Wow hopefully not as bad as the KATLoutage

The article says it’s back up and running

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