Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Historical Timelapse

Hey all!

I was surfing around YouTube and I found an interesting video, and I though I’d share it with you all.

This video shows the history of Amsterdam Schiphol airport and how it developed from 1900 to the modern day, its also cool to note that the piece of land that EHAM is situated on used to be ocean.


Lol, I used that video for a presentation once.
I had my presentation about Schiphol 😂

Got -1 point because I didn’t explain what everything was…

Wow…that’s actually really cool.

This is actually pretty cool.

Oh yeah…, I remember when Schiphol was happy to announce that they were 100 years old that they went to the passengers and took pictures of them.

yes they came to me too
yes, I still have that pic

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