AMS Approach

Hey guys. Inbound for Amsterdam in the 777, coming in from the South-West. Looks on liveflight that they’re using 18R, even though its red on IF. Can someone confirm this for me?

Sidenote: Am I better coming in on a right downwind RWY18R or left downwind?

Well first off, listen to the ATIS as I believe they are using multiple frequencies at EHAM, contact the correct frequency according to the ATIS when you are 50NM away or less and under 18,000 feet. Approach will take if from there. I hope you had a great flight!


When approaching an FNF airport, it’s good to check LiveFlightApp, but always tune into ATIS to get the most recent and accurate information for current arrivals.

Also, just looking on LiveFlight too, it seems that they are using the 18s now. If you are using a computer generated FPL, most will have vectors into these runways so you should be fine.

Again though, check ATIS for arrival info and tune into the Approach frequencies for final vectoring info! Hope this helps! 😄

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Runway 184 and 18C for arrivals in to EHAM. I just landed. The reason they aren’t using the favourable runway for the wind it because the wind is a light enough talewind that it is not a factor. The traffic flow is hard to just suddenly change at the slightest wind change. Hope that helps. As for the lect/right downsind , just follow ATC instructions and they will tell you what to do. Also, listen to the ATIS.

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