Amphibious Aircrafts & Water Takeoff & Landing capabilities.

Somebody may wanted to land on the sea especially when his home is only about walking distance to the shore, when the town that he is in is lack of public/private airstrip, when water is the only best solution available for his situation.
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I’m not really sure what this is supposed to be…
Is it a feature request!
Is it general?
Can you please clarify a little the objective of this topic?


You have duplicated a topic. Please utilise the search function in future feature request posts. Thanks!


Maybe I posted under “features”, dont mean anything at all…?

Thanks! I tried to look for this but didnt search for seaplanes! Appreciate it @Mags885

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Features is where you request something specific, like a new plane or livery. Not where you tell a smashing story about some water and your friend