Amphibious Aircraft-Airline Services?

Hello everyone, I wanted to make a post concerning airlines and amphibious aircraft. Chalk’s Ocean Airways used them. Previous airlines did as well. Could today’s airlines possibly have services with amphibious aircraft, such as the Lake series, or the BE 200, which was mentioned in another post today. I’m only saying this because I think it might be really cool and interesting to see planes in harbors more often. Let me know what you think. And yes, I do already know that some airlines operate float-equipped aircraft, like Trans-Maldivian and such. I’m just talking about the possibility of amphibious aircraft for airlines.

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Nowadays with terrorism on planes it would be hard to keep safe landings into open seas. Also, for a lot of people are closer to an airport than a sea port. Great idea though!

Are you referring to major airlines because there are a few seaplane airlines out there.

Chances of a major getting some are extremely slim. Amphibious aircraft seem to serve two functions: 1. Getting out of a city’s center 2. Flying to a place with too little land/not enough demand to fund the maintenance and construction of tarmac. The majors have completely pulled out of the sub-30 seat aircraft market so that eliminates both options. They cannot fill a Beriev Be-200 on an obscure market. Reason 1 is a bit compelling but I can’t be 100% sure if it will actually happen because of the sub-30 seat issue. Some seaplane airlines are trying it though

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