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Hello IF community. Today I have a question about why you only get a certain amount of votes. Can you tell me why.

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It all depends on your trust level.

TL0: 0
TL1: 5
TL2: 10
TL3: 15

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I know, but why does it depend on you trust level?

There is a limit so that votes have actual value and that if a feature request has a vote, someone took their time to use their limited amount of votes to support the request… Having infinite votes would just make them worthless.


So there aren’t new members voting for a whole bunch of features. This system helps keeps the feature category balanced.


Thanks, that makes sense.

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It’s like money. If there’s a ton of money in circulation, it becomes absolutely worthless

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The word we are looking for is Inflation. The more of something you have, the less that something becomes.


I thought regulars were allowed more now…?

Yes, that’s correct. We are allowed 20 votes now. Good thinking :)


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