Amount of Votes User is Entitled to

I was just wondering about the amount of votes you are entitled to spend and also how many votes a feature needs to make it into development? Thanks in advance!


Hi there

  1. you have 5 votes total
  2. the devs decide whether it deserves or not. The devs also release a poll for whether or not you want x plane or y plane

Let me know if this helps :)

Ok, thanks for clearing that up! I will make sure and only use them for something really important to me then. Thanks!

Also, when your trust level goes up you are granted more votes.

TL1 (your trust level) - 5 votes
TL2 - 10 votes
TL3/4 - 20 votes


Thanks, also how do you check what TL you are and how long does it take to rank up. I am currently at basic level?

Yes, you are currently a basic user (trust level 1)

Your trust level can be viewed on your profile here.

It depends, you just need to contribute to the forum and you will rank up eventually. You can learn more about trust levels here.

(note that the requirements for each trust level listed above are not the requirements on this forum. The requirements here are altered and kept undisclosed to prevent farming and so you don’t just work your way up by blankly staring at them.)


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