Amount of aircraft

I just want to know why there isn’t many free aircraft(note I’m not old enough to get a job and I’m not begging my parents for money to get pro I already know the answer) and I’m perfectly fine with the aircraft I am just asking.

IF has to make money somehow, and, judging by what you just asked, making people want to fly Pro-only aircraft is a good way to do so.

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I guess the free version is kind of like a preview?

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Hello @JargoCorts! Welcome to the community! As for why the free plane count is so low, @AvioesEJogos and @Bbb are definitely right in assuming what they said—if someone wants more aircraft, they need to pay for the pro version. (It’s one of many cool perks that come with the subscription!)

Meanwhile, even if you don’t have a pro subscription, you can still be involved in the Infinite Flight Community right here! I highly suggest that you take a look through these topics to familiarize yourself with our online community:

Using the Forum

Guide to the Community

Trust Levels on the IFC

As for now, since this is your first time posting, you are a “basic” user, which means you should keep liking, posting, and being active on the community to become a member! Until then, blue skies and tailwinds!


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The free version of Infinite Flight is a sampler of the game. There are still some fun routes to operate without pro, though. I flew lots of flight in and around California with the Southwest 737-700, as well as flights around Hawaii with that same aircraft. Welcome to the community!

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