AMOLED screen and infinite flight timelapse

Hello guys! I use Samsung A8 (2018) for flights. And now I want to make flight timelapse. I would like to use only one view of aircraft in timelapse, but it is not good for AMOLED screens, because screen can burn in. And flight is 10 hours.
Do you recommend me filming timelapse?

Hey there, if you want to try this out, I recommend lowering your brightness as much as possible.

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Sure go ahead. Just make sure to have the scenic camera switched on so that the camera is moving at all times. This week reduce the risk of screen burn in.

Yeah, I know, but I want to make timelapse

Oh, ok. I will do this thanks

A timelapse using which camera?

Hmm I think wing (right/left idk)

You may be able to get away with it, however make sure that the bottom bar is hidden and you keep the brightness low.

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Ok! I will do!

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I really hope that the button to make sreenshots from replays will be able to make videos. And timelapse would be nice too.
Or the replay could be able to accelerate playback, so…

Hopefully, replay hasn’t acceleration. I will just play replay all 10 hours, then I will accelerate it in video editior.

Wait a bit, maybe that they will include one of these days a fast playing (like the old replay). The recording would be less boring.

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Made timelapse! Everything was ok!

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