Amogus Hoax & Flight

Now that it’s April 2nd, I can come clean without risk of this being interpreted as an April Fools’ Day joke.

Chances are, you read the title, and yes, it is true. Infinitef Light Amogus was in fact fake. It was a staged Among Us setup on board the Infinite Flight 757-200 for laughs and likes as an April Fools’ Day ‘joke’. That was the only point of the topic, as were many of the other topics made today, most of which were unfortunately unoriginal. An administrator for the private operator of this flight, who was in charge of the Amogus joke, released images taken in flight on board a separate Cessna Citation X which was chosen due to its almost mimicked abilities of the 757, especially with regards to vertical speeds of ascent and descent which were demonstrated in the flight. Here are the images of the same Infinite Flight Amogus flight which were set to be released today. Enjoy the images that are actually quality and follow the guidelines this time :)

Oh yeah, I did fly in the shape of an Amogus during the flight so I guess it isn’t slight clickbait after all.

Parked at Renton where the Infinitef Light Amogus image was staged and photoshopped inside of the cabin

Testing the steep climb of positive 8000 feet per minute while maintaining speed under 100% N1 over the Puget Sound

Turning over the the tip of the US with the Makkah Indian Reservation right in the line of sight of the left side passengers

In a steep turn and descent of -8000 feet per minute while maintaining speed at idle throttle over Newport, Oregon

Cruising over the mountains of Olympic National Park at 15000 feet

Establishing the aircraft on the Harbor Visual approach for Runway 14R at Boeing Field

Turning final over the middle of the Elliott Bay for noise abatement

A solid touchdown of -108 feet per minute

Pushing back into the stand on the Boeing ramp as per the SOPs

Parked with the door open, after a nice flight!

This topic is appropriate as per the ToS, Private Policy, and rules/guidelines of the #screenshots-and-videos, unlike the topic this one is referencing as a ‘hoax’ which broke many guidelines as a joke for April Fools’ Day.


Nice photos

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Ah yes the night shots 😍 I always love to see that I see nothing

Very cool pics! I can’t stop thinking how nice those night time photos would look if the taxiways had lights muahaha :)