Ammar's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @RJAA

I’ll be opening RJAA in a few. Pattern work would be lovely :). Would like honest and brutal feedback about how I do. Thanks!

If you could re name your title to Ammar’s TS1 ATC Tracking Thread [Open @ ICAO] that would be great!

Are you practicing for IFATC?

Please, dont forget to change your title to [OPEN] when you are open and [CLOSED] when you are done controlling!!


@Ammar will you open?

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My bad… Thank you Thomas.

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Yep! Indeed I am :) .

RJAA is open! Would like feedback. Pattern work would be lovely. Thanks!

I am on my way to help you!

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Thank you to all who came. How did I do?

Did fine. That crosswind was nasty. Shame didn’t have more traffic to get some sequencing in. The extend downwind call might not have been necessary, better safe than sorry I suppose, ended up turning base about 5 nm out where I had been anyway.

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Yeah extended you for a bit, that other one was taking off. Thank you though! Really appreciate it :).

Yeah I noticed the other, but there was already enough space for him to take off. I ended up turning base where I would have without any instruction. If he had stuck around on the runway a while then some direction would be necessary.

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Ahh alright. Thank you 😊.

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