Amexcapo’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@ (PRACTICAL PASSED)

Hi Guys!

you are welcome to join into my training.
Wait for your comments/feedback

Server: Training
Frequencies: Ground & Tower

Are you open?

Ok, it is fine!


Want feedback?

Yes it is always good to have a feedback

Hello !
Thanks for opening. I was the KLM. It was a bit hard to land to be honest, my ipad is crashing + weather conditions. I’m really sorry, i cant give you proper feedbacks since I’m training to become an IFATC too! I just came so you can have airplanes to control.

I hope you will improve and to see you as an IFATC colleague !!

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Thanks a lot for your help! Hope to se you as IFATC too!

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I’m open again now. Waiting for you to help me for final practice before exam.


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First of all, let me apologize for my very very bad landings: this was also due tho the heavy wind there was in LIPZ, that was at the extreme for A318, no possible for a lighter aircraft. But the worst were the wind gusts, 40 kts on base.

Apart from that, lets get to business:

The pushback and the taxi was all great, although I did not understand why you clear me to taxi to 04R, 04L was more near, and is large and wide enough for A318.

Yo clear me takeoff 04R, right traffic, that was well, but when you cleared me for the option, you cleared me also to make right traffic, which is not needed because aircraft are supposed to follow the direction that you told them at takeoff.

My missed approach impressed you, I know you expected a go-around, but you act well, told me to extend upwind and later enter right downwind 04L, but why right downwind and not left for 04L, I was maintaining upwind, was possible to told to enter left donwind.

I am very sorry fo my skills, there was poor weather conditions and the approaches were horrible, suggest opening in another location!

I also need more people to test your secuencing skills, but overall was extremely productive your session

Keep it up!

Edit: From yesterday’s session

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Nice job! Everything perfect 👌 maybe the taxi clearance was a bit late.

Thanks! i had a small connection problem that’s why you wait few seconds.

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Thanks for the feedback. i will take note about that, your comments are rights!

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Hi pilots! Came to Milan and do pattern or just fly in/out to help my training. Now open

Hi guys! Please came to LFBO airport and do some pattern for my training.

I’m looking specially for good and serious pilot that can help me and give proper comments.

Waiting for you!

Hi pilots! came to Palma de Mallorca and help me with training. :)


Have feedback for you! But first thanks for controlling!

  • If a pilot request pushback, while the aircraft he is in is a GA- aircraft then you just have to correct the pilot but saying: Taxi to RWY XX. GA aircrafts (e.g. Cessna) can’t do a pushback.
  • Nice clearances!
  • I made it a little bit difficult for you while I was on departure (06L) I requested a runway change while you cleared an other pilot (06R) for takeoff. The appropriate command would have been enter left downwind, because then I would not get into a collision with the aircraft on the other runway!
  • Last one is, look at the direction of the wind and also to the colors indicated on your screen of the runway. Since it was better to use the runways 24R and 24L, since the pilot would have a headwind (which is better than a tailwind, which I had).

Sorry that I couldn’t be flying more. But it’s quite cold outside hahaha…

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Many thanks for your feedback.
For the first point i know it, it was my mistake because i didn’t notice your airplane.
For the second point also you are right too. then in order to avoid trouble i cancel the clearance of the other aircraft that was proceeding to runway.
For the third point i now that direction was wrong. i did it because the other pilot that was on runway before you came didn’t follow instruction and then i do like that. wrongly.

Hi guys! Again open at LFBO airport. Came and do some pattern for my training.

I’m looking specially for good and serious pilot that can help me and give proper comments.

Waiting for you!


On my way!

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@Amexcapo Are you there?

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