Ameru187’s ATc Tracking Thread [Closed]

My old topic closed due to my lack of activity. I am aiming to reopen my ATC Service and in search of some more knowledge. Now I am starting new as I haven’t done this for a few months. So please bare with me if I do anything wrong. Please come and join me if you have the chance. Opening soon!


Please go a bit easy lol, kind constructive feedback is always welcome!

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I’m comin’

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I’ll be there in like 10 mins if my group flight doesnt work out.

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Comin over

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Feedback: PINECONE

I honestly think you did fine. The first time I came around for a touch and go, you cleared me to land, instead of for touch and goes, but you fixed that easily. I made more mistakes than you did, so i congratulate you. You did great.

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Hey thanks lol I was super confused but it offered a great experience! Thanks for coming out!

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My pleasure man! I’ll work on my pattern skills 😒

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Overall you did good handling traffic. But, you told me follow traffic on left downwind but he was on left base so I flew WAY further than I should have to make my landing. And, you told me to get off the runway,expedite, traffic on final while I still had the option, meaning i could have landed, taxied off runway and parked, full stop landing, land, tact back to beginning of runway(on taxiway) or complete a touch and go. So, I shouldn’t have been instructed to get off the runway. Work on those things a little and that’s all I see that needs to be fixed. Oh. And you told some planes left and some right(like me) when ALL airports have a left pattern unless something causes it to use right. So try to check the airports pattern charts before controlling it. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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Ok so far from what I saw you did pretty well mate, though just remember to always give a séquence command then clearance, you forgot that the first time I came around but you did it the second time around. Also it’s not necessary to give the clearance and make left/right traffic unless they are actually gonna change their pattern or enter the pattern for a new runway. Though you are doing well, just do some more practice and you’ll be good mate. Thanks for the service :)

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Thank you both for your feedback! I appriciate it!

Yep. I left out his part about l ir r traffic.


A couple things;
Even if you are clear for the option, if it is clear you are slowing down to exit the runway (Below 50 knots for example, for a jetliner), an exit command should be used. Also, which pattern planes use (left/right) is down to the controller’s discretion. Just for future reference!

Actually, IRL all controllers use left unless they HAVE to use right. I want even on the ground when he told me to get off.

This is where we could go into the realism.TM argument, but neither of us has time for that. In the end, it is always the controller’s discretion, including whether or not to follow real world procedures when in infinite flight. For runway exit commands though, the plane should certainly be firmly on the ground before those are used :)

Yeah. Thats my main thing. I want even on the ground. Still 20 above.

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