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Hello Community!

Last weekend, @Altaria55 and I took a trip down to Miami to spot. Despite some setbacks, it was a great time. Miami is definitely an underrated airport to spot at, you almost never hear it mentioned when people are planning spotting trips but I think it should be in the same conversation as a lot of really solid airports like YVR and JFK. As far as I can tell, the only downfalls are (fairly prevalent, to be fair) heat haze and that west flow arrivals are more or less not spottable. However, the lighting is perfect (engine light for east flow in the AM, west flow in the PM), huge traffic variety with South American and European carriers, and beautiful weather.

Gear: Sony α7iii + 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS

The crown jewel of the weekend, D-ABYM off to Frankfurt. This was luckily delayed about half an hour which made the light much better.

Close up of Lufthansa. Check out those chevrons!

G-VGBR “Golden Girl” departing for London. Fitting name.

This light is what makes Miami spotting so worth it.

If American wasn’t the main carrier at MIA, LATAM definitely would be.

One very delayed Aerolineas Argentinas departing into cotton candy skies.

Overall, a fantastic trip. Wouldn’t hesitate going again and would recommend to any spotter unless you come from LAX. Just go during winter and find something else to do midday while the haze is awful.

Check out my Instagram for more shots:

Find @Altaria55’s topic here: Spotting @ MIA | 15/16 January 2023


Yo I think you went to Miami


Amazing shots


yuhhhh we got that andrew angle 🔥🔥


No i didn’t these are all stolen photos


we need one for you


need what from me

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Incredible photos! I love the editing that you’ve done!

Have a great rest of your day!
~ Ben


Tyler tilt Andrew angle Caleb ____


oh it’s caleb correction. already trademarked

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My money is on this for becoming the spotting topic of year

Common Andrew moment

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I understand

Nah it’s mid and I’m mid


Biggest lie of 2023


Texas Roadhouse having a 50 minute wait 👎


Luckily it’s 2022 wait

What is the biggest L?

  • The outbound flights filling up incident
  • The rebooking hotels 3 hours before departure incident
  • The pickup truck age requirement incident
  • The most dangerous neighborhood in Miami incident
  • The every arrival spot is unusable incident
  • The two cargo planes incident
  • The keys incident
  • The Southwest home incident
  • Texas Roadhouse having a 50 minute wait

The Wu has done it again

Great shots man

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Did you spot the LH A346?

Stunning pictures, definitely top 2 on the IFC after Moritz ;)

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Gotta be Texas Roadhouse

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Thank you!

I did but it was an arrival so the shots aren’t all that good. And I’ll gladly take second to Moritz that’s no problem to me.

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