America's Freedom Fest at KGSH

Hi everyone,

Happy 4th of July! This past weekend, the Goshen airport held America’s Freedom Fest, an air show which featured relics of aviation.

The P-51 deemed “Baby Duck” heading out to Runway 27.

The F-22 Raptor made an appearance, and flew in formation alongside the P-51 to commemorate the past and present in Air Force aviation.

The B-17! It was so awesome to see this bird up close. You would have never guessed this aircraft was 70 years old.

The F-100 kicking in its afterburner banking over air show center.

Another shot of the F-100 making another pass.

The F-22 was amazing. The ground trembled as it roared by. It only stayed for a couple of minutes, but it was the highlight of the night.

The beautiful radial engine on the B-17. It was leaking oil!

I even got to see the old Skyhawk I started my training in! Nice to see N75649 again.

Hope you enjoyed these. These are just a few amongst almost 500, so I may update this thread later.


That B-17 shot 😍👌 Beautiful!


Wow. Great photos! Love that F-100 with its afterburner ;)

Also Happy 4th of July to any fellow Americans or anybody else who celebrates it!


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