America's 2020 Fire Fleet and Tracking thread!

2020 Fires are right around the corner here in America. Here is the list and aircraft we will see this year!

ON CALL (S)ingle (E)ngine (A)ir (T)ankers (SEATS)

Aerial Timber
Aero Seat
Aero Tech
Bridger Air Tanker
CO Fire
Columbia Basin
GB Aerial
M & M
New Frontier
Western Pilot

Very Large Air Tankers

10 Tanker Air Carrier from Albuquerque New Mexico will provided DC-10s again!

Aero Air LLC out Portland Oregon will provide the MD-87s against!

Aero Flite LLC from Spokane Washington will provide CL-214s and BAe 146s.

Coulson Aviation USA out of Portland Oregon will provide Boeing 737s, C-130s and helicopters this year!


Global Super Tanker LLC out of Colorado Springs Colorado will be providing a 747-400 again!

Last but not lease Neptune Aviation will be providing BAe 145s again, they have began training earlier this afternoon!

Here is the list for 2020’s CWN Aircraft!

This year helicopter fleet over 35 operators will be on call Here is the companys list of “Small helicopters” on call.

Air Resources Helicopters, Inc, Air Shasta Rotor & Wing, Airwest Helicopters, Inc, ApexHeli Oregon, In, Aspen Helicopters, Inc, Baker Aircraft, Bluesky Helicopters, Inc, Brainerd Helicopter Services, Inc, Carisch Helicopters, Inc, Chem Air Helicopters, Inc, Choice Aviation, LLC, Classic Helicopter Group, LLC, Coastal Helicopters, Croman Corporation, El Aero Services, LLC, Firehawk Helicopter, Inc, Guardian Helicopters, Inc, Helicopter Applicators, In, Helicopter Express, Inc, Heli-Dunn, Heliqwest International, Inc , HeloAir, Inc, Henderson Aviation Company, HiLine Helicopters, Inc, Hillcrest Aircraft Company, Inc, Hillsboro Aviation, Inc, HMC Helicopter Service, Inc, Homestead Helicopters, Inc, JBI Helicopter Services, JL Aviation, Inc, Leading Edge Aviation, Inc. (OR), Leading Edge Aviation, LLC (WA), Minuteman Aviation, Inc, Mountain Air Helicopters, Inc, Mountain Blade Runner, LLC, Mountain West Helicopters, LLC, Northwest Helicopters, LLC, Papillon Airways, Inc, PJ Helicopters, Inc., Precision, LLC, Redding Air Service, Inc, Reeder Flying Service, Inc, Republic Helicopters, Inc, Rogers Helicopters, Inc, Sacramento Executive Helicopters, Inc, Sinton Helicopters, Sky Aviation Corporation, Southern Helicopters, Inc, Timberland Helicopters, Inc, T&M Aviation, Inc, Trans Aero, LTD, Tuckamore Aviation Corportation,

2020 Type 1 Helicopters

Billing Flying Service (CH-47), Helicopter Transport Service LLC (CH-54B), Rainier Heli International, Inc (K1200 KMax), Rotak Helicopter (K1200 Kmax), Erickson Helicopter (CH-54B/S-64)!

As more contracts come up I’ll update this list! All info comes from OAS.


What an amazing fleet. We really need something like this down here in Australia.

Tanker 911 is helping out with our fires at the moment and I’m pretty sure another few are on their way to join it.


You do have all of these down there! Lots of machines were contracted to come down there, I can get the exact list soon


Your right about that. Here in Montana we are always greatly affected by forest fires, and it’s real rough. I’m very grateful for all of these aircraft that can help tackle these fires. Here in Missoula, well that’s where all the Neptune aviation tankers sit! Always on the move though, especially in the summer.


Neptune began training this week!

Number of pilots: 33
Hours spent in training: 40
Group photo with Suzie: Priceless

The boys were in town last week to kick off training for the 2020 fire season. Next up? Simulator training and flight training!

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Now this is an amazing topic, cool to know the aircraft that’ll be keeping America safe from fires. I could never research this much, especially since we don’t have much fires in NC, so thanks for making this topic and sharing it!

Great to hear this, MD-80s!

And one more thing, happy cakeday, @RotorGuy!

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I just went over about an hour in a half of paper work finding out which awards were awarded for 2020 lol

Nice fleet. We definitely need a 747 down here next season, and it probably won’t have to make a stopover along the way.

Another thing, what will happen when Australia and USA’s fire seasons overlap?


Maybe next year depending on what the Federal Government puts out.

That’s a great question, Let’s say Tanker 910 is on fires in Australia but gets called up in the US they will either have to return to the US or put another tanker on call, Australia has two DC-10s and two are back in the US right now. Now if all four are called up they all will return home


Here is 2020’s S-2T fleet for the US!

Any reason that some numbers are missing (77,81,84,87,97,98,99)?

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They could be attached to other aircraft

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they only came half way through the season as the fires started in august speed up in november and went full rage quit mode in december

We are off! CalFire has requested the support of air tankers due to limited resources they have been denied. The Mann Fire is 100 acres and growing!

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And good luck!

Tanker 85 on the Manns Fire in California! 2020 is LIT!


Aus vs California for fires which is worse?

We don’t play that game here


Tanker 95 supporting the 29,000 acre 412 ire
in the Oklahoma panhandle. The air tanker is under a call when needed arrangement in Kansas, operated by Ag Air Service out of Nikerson, Kansas. The aircraft can carry up to 800 gallons and still has the radial engines, unlike the S-2s operated by CAL FIRE today that have been converted to turbine engines.

Tanker 137 is finally home, sadly Tanker 137 went down with another friend, Tanker 134, and only one came home.

From Coulson - Its flight from Sydney to Pago Pago, to Hilo, to San Bernardino, California went off without a hitch and was the first flight for our new B737 Captain Greg House! Welcome to the family Greg!

The airplane is going into its spring maintenance and will be ready in a month to support the North American fire season.

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