Americanboi’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hey there!
I was PIGGYWU in the game, and you did a great job! But there is still some problems.

At this time, I suggest you use right downwind instead of left, in my case, left downwind was really hard to turn.
And that’s all, VERY GOOD!😁


hey there, i was kinda just doing random stuff, not rly paying attention, so maybe u should come back when i’m not watching vines 😂

and thanks for coming by, just decided to open Joint Base for some reason

Haha😆, I wasn’t paying attention too when I was having my atc tracking thread, and then I got TONS of feedbacks😂

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not my best session there, i was waiting for @CaptainLeo1 to show up for hours 🙄


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